WASHINGTON, March, 2019 – CHCTDC’s 2019 CBE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is a FREE and intensive entrepreneurship series that gladly provides nearly 20 hours of classroom education and training for executives of small, poised-for-growth companies that are potential job creators.  Our women boot-campers are being equipped with the necessary small business training to help them elevate their story to investors and banks, large government and corporate buyers, plus consumers. These women are also assisted in opportunities for small business owners to work with experienced coaches and mentors, attend workshops, and develop connections with their peers, local leaders, and the financial community.” In the past 20 years, the growth rate for women-owned businesses has dwarfed the national average—increasing by a staggering 141% compared to 44% for all businesses,” reports Forbes.com. Research also suggests that women entrepreneurs are just as successful as their male counterparts. Betsy Dougert, director of communications for SCORE says: “Women entrepreneurs are succeeding despite many obstacles and odds that are stacked against them.”

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